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Hydropneumatic Fender

Hydropneumatic Fender

Hydropneumatic Fender is a special design based on the Pneumatic Fender for submarines docking protection. Hydro-pneumatic Fenders are partially filled with water and air. It is equipped with a counterweight on the bottom of the rubber fender body in order to keep itself in a vertical position. This ensures that the submerged hull is properly protected by the fender at all times.


The performance of Hydropneumatic Fenders is affected by the air:water ratio and the initial pressure.

Customer could adjust the freeboard of Hydro pneumatic Fender by changeing air:water ratio.


Jerryborg Marine has rich experience in design and manufacture customized Hydropneumatic Fender, Jerryborg Marine’s hydro pneumatic type fender had offered submarine pneumatic fender to US Navy, China Navy since 2006. 

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