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Foam Filled Fender
Foam Filled Fender
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Foam Filled Marine Fender 

What is Foam Filled Fender?
Foam Filled Fender is a floating type compressive fender that is highly utility and suitable for a wide range of applications. It is made of an outer Polyurea (SPUA) protective layer, a reinforced rubber nylon cord fabric, as well as an internal space that is filled with 100% closed cell foam as a medium to absorb impact. Foam fenders outer layer has an extremely low frictional resistance and is highly resistant to wear due to its proven strength. Impact force is efficiently absorbed by the close cell foam fender, reducing the resultant force acted upon the wharf/vessel at the point of contact. Jerryborg Foam Fender can be used for tugs, workboats, pilot boats and is suitable for open sea terminals, gravity ports, especially for large tidal wave docks. Foam fender is also a viable option for Ship-to-Ship (STS) operations.
1. 100% closed cell EVA foam
Each cell of EVA foam is separated, so water cannot migrate into the foam, which ensures a high amount of buoyancy, even in case of damage to the outer polyurea (SPUA) coating. Even after many years of active service, the foam core can be returned to the factory, re-skinned and made ready for a new lease of life. A wide range of foam densities are available, from 20Kg/m3 to 200kg/m3, to offer a high dissipation of Energy and a low Reaction Force.
2. Polyurea (SPUA) coating skin
Polyurea is a type of elastomer coating which is sprayed onto the EVA foam core, thereby improving performance of foam fender and giving the fender increased resistance against abrasion during operations. Thickness of Polyurea coating is customized as per customer demand, usually from 3mm to 100mm. Jerryborg’s wear and tear resistant Polyurea coating let our foam fender performs well in even the harshest environments.
What is the advantage & benetits of foam filled fenders ?
  Proportional increase of energy and reaction
  Extremely robust and ultraviolet-proof
  No performance loss and unsinkable even if damaged
  Smaller skin damages can easily be repaired on site
  Low hull pressure and non-marking Polyurethane/polyurea(SPUA) skin
  Good angular performance
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>> Dimensions of Foam Filled Fender
Compression Value 60% Reference
Counter Force(KN) Energy Absorption (KJ)
Ø 500×1000L 500 1000 71 8 34
Ø 600×1000L 600 1000 86 12 45
Ø 700×1500L 700 1500 161 27 101
Ø 1000×1500L 1000 1500 205 49 206
Ø 1000×2000L 1000 2000 274 64 275
Ø 1200×2000L 1200 2000 337 93 405
Ø 1200×2400L 1200 2400 390 110 475
Ø 1350×2500L 1350 2500 463 145 626
Ø 1500×3000L 1500 3000 624 216 927
Ø 1700×3000L 1700 3000 696 273 1191
Ø 2000×3500L 2000 3500 990 456 1923
Ø 2000×4000L 2000 4000 1110 505 2298
Ø 2200×4500L 2200 4500 1396 679 2992
Ø 2500×4000L 2500 4000 1386 781 3434
Ø 2500×5000L 2500 5000 1750 985 4272
Ø 3000×5000L 3000 5000 2050 1410 6411
Ø 3000×6000L 3000 6000 2460 1695 7293
Ø 3300×6500L 3300 6500 2950 2245 8335
Ø 4500×9000L 4500 9000 19650 7860 21460