Docking & Mooring Solution Provider
Technical Consulting
Jerryborg Marine is always standing at our client's side and values being able to keep in close contact with our clients, with regular and direct communication.
Designing & Rapid Prototyping
All mechanical structures and dimensions are demonstrated and calculated during the designing stage. Our ultimate goal is to provide professional design and cost-effective one-stop solution for our clients.
Providing critically safe pneumatic fender systems, Jerryborg Marine has a strong focus on manufacturing all major components in-house ensuring highest quality and reliability at their own production facilities.
Testing & Quality Control
Our certified labs constantly inspect all rubber raw material used for the production of our high quality pneumatic rubber fenders in order to verify compliance with material requirements for each single order.
After Sales Service
Jerryborg Marine is committed to provide after sales service and assistance throughout the service life of the fender system. we can offer global assistance on the installation or maintenance works.