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About Us.
About Us.
Who We Are
Qingdao Jerryborg Marine Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading international marine products manufacturer & distributor with 15+ years of rich experience in production of marine docking & mooring systems. Jerryborg Marine Machinery Co., Ltd, headquartered in Qingdao, China, is committed to rubber fenders and mooring buoys production, R&D and sales. The Jerryborg Marine is equipped with production facilities for high-quality rubber products, ship launching airbags and foam fenders, Yokohama type pneumatic rubber fender, navigation buoys, steel/EVA mooring buoy, distributing mooring ropes, steel wire ropes, marine hardware like anchor chains, anchors, etc.
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Vision & Values
To fulfill the fast development of marine docking & mooring industry, we must keep moving, just like ships keep moving through our clients' port areas.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become the global market leader in marine docking & mooring industry and the first reference for ports and construction companies for high quality fendering and mooring systems. Our focus on superior quality, customer orientation, and professional employees and partnership is the key success factor to accomplish our goal. We aim to expand our global presence of marine fender and mooring products to be your local partner wherever you are. Our products shall be more reliable, durable and being produced with international standard and environmental requirement.
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2006 Qingdao Jerryborg Marine Hardware Co., Ltd Was Established
Qingdao Jerryborg Marine Hardware Co., Ltd was established in 2006 and began to produce marine rubber airbags.
Within a short time, Jerryborg has diversified into metal parts manufacturing and rubber products. we gained an extensive knowledge and expertise in marine products since then.
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Different backgrounds, expert know-how and individual strengths are united to form an international team of fender specialists. An open culture, respect, enthusiasm and cooperation not only for each office, but beyond borders for the whole Jerryborg team enables us to be one of the key players in the industry.
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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience,and an end product that is the best.
What is the advantage of pneumatic fenders compared to traditional fenders ?
1.Safety and Reliability
Yokohama Type Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are constructed of several layers of strong tire-cord, and are thus resistant to pressure and cutting. The safety factor adopted in the design of this fender is based on accepted theory and has been proven by extensive experimentation....
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What is standard sizes of pneumatic marine docking rubber fender ?
The Docking Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are available in the following sizes, which are generally expressed in terms of diameter by length..
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What is the basic construction of pneumatic rubber fenders ?
The Floating-type Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are kind of a cylindrical air bag with hemisphericalheads at both ends. Basic body construction of this fender consists of an outer rubber layer, cord layers and an inner rubber layer. All of these are vulcanized together, and then proven by ..
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How to install Yokohama type pneumatic rubber fenders ?
Installation Methods
At both ends of the fender, first shackles, then swivel joints, followed by a further shackle should be installed. A guy chain or guy rope is secured to the outer shackle. The swivel joint prevents twisting of the guy chain or wire..
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